Contraband Solutions provides a number of services to help agencies with the removal and destruction of contraband items.

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  • Off-Site and On-Site Disposal Services – Contracting agencies may choose the less costly and more expedient option of having their contraband items picked up and destroyed at an off-site location, or may choose to have their items destroyed on-site at their location.

    Note:  On-site disposal requires Contraband Solutions, LLC to transport destruction equipment to the contracting agency’s location. Therefore, additional charges for on-site disposal services will be incurred by the contracting agency.
  • Ammunition Disposal – Property rooms or storage lockers are typically not designed for long term ammunition storage. Incorrect and long term storage of ammunition can pose a significant fire hazard and often consumes valuable storage space. The improper and unlawful disposal of unwanted ammunition can contaminate underground water tables and place agencies and local governments in an indefensible legal position.

    Let Contraband Solutions, LLC properly dispose of unwanted ammunition, up to .50 caliber, in a safe and environmentally safe manner. All ammunition waste byproducts are recycled at an approved metal recycling facility.
  • Firearm Disposal – In today’s ever changing political climate, firearms are often a matter of contentious debate. Many local governments and their citizens have moral, ethical and liability concerns as it relates to the disposal of contraband firearms. Consequently, many agencies no longer allow the sale of contraband firearms to private individuals or licensed firearms dealers. Contraband Solutions, LLC understands those concerns and provides off-site or on-site firearm destruction services.
    • Contraband Solutions, LLC offers a unique off-site firearm destruction verification method. A section cut from each firearm, which bears the firearm’s serial number, will be shipped back to the contracting agency once the off-site firearm destruction has taken place. This verification method and property disposal documentation provides the contracting agency with definitive proof that each and every firearm transferred to Contraband Solutions, LLC was destroyed.

    Note:  All NFA Title II weapons (machine guns, silencers, and destructive devices) must be destroyed on-site.
  • Edged Weapon Disposal – Knives, swords and other edged weapons can be rendered useless, insuring that they never be used in a criminal offense.
  • Firework Disposal – Contraband Solutions, LLC can safely dispose of 1.4G Consumer Fireworks (Class C).
  • License Plate Disposal – Contraband Solutions, LLC can insure that all license plates are properly destroyed to insure they are never placed on another vehicle for unlawful purposes.
  • Other Contraband Related Services – Contraband Solutions, LLC will work with contracting agencies in an effort to find a solution to complex contraband disposal needs.
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